Recordings of the HELP-MD Symposium

Key notes’ presentation: Emmanuel Bigand and Benjamin Koen
Music and Emotion
Marie Cousin: Piano comping in ballet class: between catharsis and refinement of emotional palette, the generation by the music of an “emotional yoga”
Nathalie Abou Jaoude: Cognitive differentiation of the emotional colorings of the Levantine modal scales by Lebanese children and adolescents
Susana Sors Rodríguez: “That’s me and that’s okay”. Self-understanding through musical memory.
Music, healing rituals, and trance
Bernd Brabec de Mori: The construction of efficacy: musical ritual spaces, times, and beings
Tamara Turner: There is no closure, no transcendence: why music and trance dancing in Algeria function as affective maintenance rather than “healing”
Cosima Lanzilotti, Remy Dumas, Massimo Grassi, Daniele Schön: Prolonged exposure to highly rhythmic music affects brain dynamics and perception
Music Therapy
Aurore Seraye:
Inquiry into the history and evolution of music as a healing technique in Turkey
Ongoing Field Research
Filippo Bonini Baraldi: Envy and corporeal lockdown in Maracatu de baque solto (Brazil)
Giorgio Scalici: Playing together to heal together: healing, music making and playfulness among the Wana people of Morowali